A community project by Johanna, Carsten, Hector and amazing people like you.

The Pledge

Got a coworking-related survey? Pledge to share the data.

Across the globe brilliant students and researchers use surveys to gather data from coworking space members and/or operators.

Over the years, promises were made to share the end results with those who take part, and that's great. But with deadlines, and life getting in the way, sharing the data gets forgotten and the data is lost to the ecosystem.

The Coworking Library Pledge is an experiment to fix that. Because what's stronger than a promise? A pledge.

How does the pledge work?


  1. Take the pledge and share your survey url with us.
  2. We'll distribute the survey to coworking folks who've opted in to being informed about new surveys.
  3. You share the anonymised data set with the library, which is held until your publication is ready.
  4. You share the end result via the coworking library.
  5. We all learn with you.

Coworking Folks:

  1. Sign up to be informed about new surveys in our industry.
  2. Know that by completing it, we'll be getting and sharing the data through the library.
  3. We all learn together.