All Edge: Inside the New Workplace Networks

Publication by Clay Spinuzzi in Chicago, USA.
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Abstract in English:

Work is changing. Speed and flexibility are more in demand than ever before thanks to an accelerating knowledge economy and sophisticated communication networks. These changes have forced a mass rethinking of the way we coordinate, collaborate, and communicate. Instead of projects coming to established teams, teams are increasingly converging around projects. These all-edge adhocracies are highly collaborative and mostly temporary, their edge coming from the ability to form links both inside and outside an organization. These nimble groups come together around a specific task, recruiting personnel, assigning roles, and establishing objectives. When the work is done they disband their members and take their skills to the next project.
Spinuzzi offers for the first time a comprehensive framework for understanding “how” these new groups function and thrive. His rigorous analysis tackles both the pros and cons of this evolving workflow and is based in case studies of real all-edge adhocracies at work. His provocative results will challenge our long-held assumptions about how we should be doing work.”

Publication Year 2015

Publisher University of Chicago Press
ISSN/ISBN 978-0226236964

English | Discipline Social Science