Analyzing Spaces for Social Interaction in Coworking Space: A case study on Common Ground Damansara Heights

Publication by Ken Ying Cho, Filzani Illia Ibrahim & Zahari Zubir , , , ,
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Abstract in English:

Coworking is defined as people work and share the same facilities; creating social interaction to form a community. Through literature publication in Asia, most of the studies are focusing on market value and revenue; lack study on social interaction topic. This study aims to analyse spaces for user social interaction in coworking space in Common Ground Damansara Heights. To achieve the aim, it identifies types of social interaction in coworking space. Site observation and data are analysed to determine the availability of spaces for social interaction. This conclusion informs suggestion to designers and academics on consideration in coworking spaces for user to socialise.

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Journal Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal
Publication Year 2020
Volume 5 (13)

DOI 10.21834/e-bpj.v5i13.2068

English | Discipline Social Science