Co-creation in coworking-spaces: boundary conditions of diversity

12 page Publication by Lars Görmar, Roman W. Barwinski, Ricarda B. Bouncken & Sven M. Laudien , ,
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Abstract in English:

Knowledge and collaboration are the basis of value co-creation in coworking-spaces. The unique and flexible settings found in there enable companies and individuals to engage in fruitful discourse. The diversity of participants allows for multisided exchange relationships leading to highly innovative outcomes. Referring to literature on service management and value co-creation we present a qualitative study which analyses under which boundary conditions knowledge exchange and value creation is expected to exceed predictions. We analyse data from 12 coworking-spaces and show that contradictory to established literature, in coworking-spaces there appears to be an optimal degree of diversity regarding individuals’ social background and the knowledge bases. Additionally, we found that a likeminded work ethos between co-workers is crucial for value co-creation, relativising the diversity as driver of co-creation. We also show that participants can take differing, non-pre-determined roles in the process of value co-creation and, contributing to different forms of value creation.

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Journal Knowledge Management Research & Practice
Publication Year 2020

DOI 10.1080/14778238.2020.1740627

English | Discipline Business