Coworking as a model for conscious business

Publication by Marko Orel & Jaroslava Kubatova , , ,
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Abstract in English:

The purpose of this paper is to cross-reference the defining perspectives of coworking as an emerging integral model of conscious business.

The methodological framework is built on transdisciplinary research of spatial scale of existence by using the qualitative approach of participant observations and interviews.

The empirical data suggest that independently organized and self-financed coworking spaces can be categorized as conscious businesses.

Research limitations/implications
Coworking spaces are evolving and hybridizing. While a conscious business model can be cross-referenced with independently run coworking spaces that target the self-employed as their user group, this is not certain for larger, franchise-based coworking centers as a larger sample would need to be researched and analyzed.

No attempts have been made previously for identifying cross-references between the concept of conscious business and the coworking model.

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Journal Journal of Global Responsibility
Publication Year 2019
Volume 10
Publisher Emerald

DOI 10.1108/JGR-11-2018-0068

English | Discipline Sociology