Coworking as The Great Good Place for Design Learning

An Explorative Framework

Publication by Fernando Mendes, Carlos Duarte & Katja Tschimmel in Castelo Branco, Portugal.
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Abstract in English:

In this paper, we explore a conceptual framework based on three lines of thinking/work from Patrick Cohendet (Underground/Middleground/Upperground), Ray Oldenburg (The Great Good Place), and Fred Garnett (Heutagogy or Self-determined Learning). To demonstrate the relevance and feasibility of our proposed concept, we review the key factors and definitions of these authors and their work. Although not a theoretical framework, the present paper aims to help us map a part of our research work within the context of the Doctoral Programme in Design at IADE / Universidade Europeia, which triangulates Coworking, Design Learning, and Heutagogy or self-determined modes of learning. Ultimately, the aim is to generate new evidence on how such a model of Coworking Design Learning can benefit and better suit contemporary Design learners.

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Journal Convergências – Revista de Investigação e Ensino das Artes
Publication Year 2019
Volume VOL XII (24)

English | Discipline Design