Coworking Atmospheres

On the Interplay of Curated Spaces and the View of Coworkers as Space-acting Subjects

475 page Publication by Alexandra Bernhardt in Wiesbaden, Deutschland.

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Abstract in English:

The study by Alexandra Bernhardt deals with coworking spaces and their atmospheres. In addition to a comprehensive consideration of the role of atmospheres, the special significance of community in the context of these work spaces is examined in more detail. Two case studies in urban coworking spaces form the core of the investigation, following a qualitative research design oriented towards ethnography and a plurality of methods. In the context of the analysis, on the one hand, what constitutes coworking in everyday life and thus the new communality at work is considered: relevant practices and rituals, spatial arrangements and atmospheres are elaborated in their composition. On the other hand, coworkers, their spatial actions, and the attitudes associated with them come into closer focus: It is shown how users access coworking spaces as work and community spaces and what role atmospheres play. In addition, social entities are highlighted that are taken up by coworkers in relation to their coworking space and that help shape everyday coworking space life. Tensions that arise from the coexistence of community and service logic are also uncovered, and how they are dealt with is examined in more detail.

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Publication Year 2023

Publisher Springer
ISSN/ISBN 978-3-658-41193-0

English | Discipline Sociology