Coworking Spaces: Empowerment for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Digital and Sharing Economy

9 page Publication by Ricarda Bouncken, Martin Ratzmann, Roman Barwinski & Sascha Kraus , ,
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Abstract in English:

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, new ventures, but also incumbent firms increasingly use coworking spaces (CWS). The alignment of work-space and social space can facilitate organizational empowerment supporting individual work satisfaction. Our mixed-methods study of 363 respondents from CWS in 26 cities in the USA, Germany, and China identifies configurations of institutional patterns on work satisfaction associated with a sense of community, autonomy, participation, linkage multiplicity and mutual knowledge creation. High work satisfaction can occur in three different configurations related to a) agility housing, b) knowledge housing, and c) social housing. Our findings contribute to how incumbent firms and CWS can influence work satisfaction and empower towards innovation and entrepreneurial performance.

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Journal Journal of Business Research
Publication Year 2020
Volume 114
Publisher Science Direct

DOI 10.1016/j.jbusres.2020.03.033

English | Discipline Business