Coworking Spaces: Fuel for Entrepreneurship

A qualitative study on entrepreneurs’ motives in entering coworking spaces and the interlink with motives in pursuing entrepreneurship

58 page Publication by Friederike Victoria Franzen & Kristin Hamann , , , ,
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Abstract in English:

Purpose. This research aims to investigate entrepreneurs’ motives in entering coworking spaces (CWS), and how they are interlinked with entrepreneurs’ motives in pursuing an entrepreneurial career.

Methodology. The analysis and discussion of the gathered qualitative data in the form of twelve interviews helped to develop deep insights and form an understanding of the entrepreneurs’ motives in entrepreneurship and in entering CWS.
Findings. The research found that the initial motives of entrepreneurs in entering CWS revolved around social intensity and evolved to motives regarding professional focus. Additionally, the study shows not only that the motives in both areas of this research evolve rather than remaining static, but also that synergies between these motives were found.

Implications. Motives in pursuing entrepreneurship are reflected in those entering CWS, but depending upon the entrepreneurs’ experience in CWS, CWS can influence the motives in pursuing entrepreneurship.

Contribution. The study contributes to the academic understanding of how entrepreneurs’ motives in pursuing entrepreneurship influence their motives in entering CWS, and vice versa. Additionally, this research obtained comprehensive results adding to the rapidly expanding phenomenon of CWS.

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Publication Year 2020

English | Discipline Business