Coworking Spaces in Small Cities and Rural Areas: A Qualitative Study from an Operator and User Perspective

17 page Publication by Michael T. Knapp & Alina Sawy , ,
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Although coworking spaces (CWS) in smaller cities and rural areas are on the rise worldwide, knowledge about these types is still limited. In this qualitative study, we examine various factors from both the operator and user perspective, highlighting the challenges in setting up CWS in suburban and rural areas. A major barrier is the adoption and diffusion of new (urban) workplace practices related to coworking, which are often not yet established in these geographical areas. Furthermore, the results imply that the public sector has a key role to play in enabling coworking in such areas in its function as operator and (financial) supporter. This is linked to certain objectives, in particular the revitalisation of village or small city centres and attraction of creative people.

Editor(s) Full Names Marko Orel, Ondřej Dvouletý, Vanessa Ratten

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Book Title The Flexible Workplace. Coworking and Other Modern Workplace Transformations
Publication Year 2021

Publisher Springer, Cham
ISSN/ISBN 978-3-030-62167-4

English | Discipline Sociology