Current Status and Issues of Coworking Spaces in Japan

19 page Publication by Tomokazu Abe & Tadashi Uda in Hokkaido, Japan.
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Abstract in English:

The purpose of this paper is to clarify the actual condition of coworking spaces in Japan, based on a questionnaire survey. A way of working called “coworking” and a place for such work called “coworking space” have been attracting attention in recent years because they may provide a more flexible work style, diverse members to interact with, and open spaces than are experienced when working in a specific company or corporate office. However, we still have not acquired the whole picture of coworking and coworking spaces because of insufficiency of the comprehensive research. Thus, we attempt to shed some light on the current status of coworking spaces in the following steps. Firstly, we review previous studies about coworking. Secondly, we will present the current status and issues of coworking spaces, based on a questionnaire survey conducted among almost all coworking spaces operating in Japan. Finally, we consider the significance of our findings, comparing with those in previous studies.

Journal Discussion Paper, Series A
Publication Year 2016
Volume 302
Publisher Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, Hokkaido University

English | Discipline Economics