Experiencing a New Place as an Atmosphere: A Focus on Tours of Collaborative Spaces

Publication by De Vaujany François-Xavier, Dandoy Aurore, Grandazzi Albane & Faure Stéphanie
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Abstract in English:

In this article, we ethnographically explore how tour guides convey different embodied experiences of space and place during tours of collaborative spaces. These tours draw on participants’ embodied experience and emotions in order to reveal the invisible dimensions of everyday activities of collaborative spaces, in particular their different organizational atmospheres. By systematically coding 110 tours of such spaces, we identify four emotional registers – “initiation,” “commodification,” “selection,” and “gamification,” which are used by tour guides to produce a particular atmosphere. We feel that the concept of “atmosphere” is a powerful means of exploring the unbounded and fluid spatiality, the quasi-materiality, and the temporality of the work practices that individuals are likely to experience if they become members of these collaborative spaces. We conclude our analyses by considering the implications of this study for the management of collaborative spaces and new work practices more generally.

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spaceplaceembodimentexperienceatmospherevisibilityemotional registersphenomenologytourscollaborative spaces

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Journal Scandinavian Journal of Management
Publication Year 2018
Volume In press
Publisher Elsevier
ISSN/ISBN 0956-5221
DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scaman.2018.08.001

English | Discipline Organization Studies