How to Construct an Ideal Collaboration Tool for Coworking Spaces: An SP-CBC Application

14 page Publication by Cristopher Siegfried Kopplin & Daniel Baier , ,

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Abstract in English:

Coworking spaces both require and foster communication and collaboration among members and providers’ staff as well as between members and providers. A variety of tools, denominated
Workstream Collaboration software, seeks to fulfill the needs of coworking space providers as well as members in this regard. These applications share a large corpus of features and functionality, impeding the facile composition of a unique selling proposition. We show how to employ a single-product choice-based conjoint (SP-CBC) approach among coworking space
members in order to develop a concept of an ideal Workstream Collaboration tool. SP-CBC is a novel variant of choice-based conjoint analysis that allows for choice between a single stimulus and a none-option, simulating a binary buying or usage decision. Four attributes with three levels each are employed to characterize a tools’ features. To demonstrate applicability of SPCBC for this purpose, a survey is undertaken among 300 coworking spaces in Germany. The application demonstrates the viability of this approach and highlights the importance of an applications’ dissemination, modern security standards, and a plurality of collaborative instruments. We find network effects to be a tool’s critical feature. Communication functionality,
surprisingly, seems to play only a subordinate role.

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Journal Archives of Data Science Series A
Publication Year 2020