Inclusion in coworking spaces: tension and struggle in an emerging field

Publication by Boukje Cnossen & Lena Knappert in New York, United States of America.
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Abstract in English:

The goal of this study is to investigate discourses of diversity and inclusion in the setting of coworking spaces. Coworking is rapidly becoming a well-established solution for freelancers, small companies, and remote workers to share office space. Managers of coworking spaces often encourage their members to socialize and exchange knowledge through events and routines, and promote the coworking space through marketing and branding, meaning these spaces acquire elements of organizations. Many things about these quickly spreading new organizational environments remain unknown, among which how they strive for inclusion. In order to address this issue, we conducted research in four Dutch coworking spaces, resulting in a four-dimensional framework. Based on these dimensions, we show that although coworking managers and coworkers use discourses of openness and professional diversity, and seem aware of the business benefits of diverse members, stereotypes and practices of exclusion prevail to the extent that existing societal inequalities are reproduced and reinforced.

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Journal Academy of Management Proceedings
Publication Year 2019
Volume Vol. 2019, No. 1
Publisher Academy of Management
ISSN/ISBN 2151-6561

English | Discipline Management