Job-mobility biographies in coworking spaces: a theoretical contribution to new social and spatial restructurings

Publication by Timo Ohnmacht, Vu Thi Thao & Widar von Arx , ,
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So far, the main focuses of job-mobility biographies have been entry into the labour market, changes to jobs and incomes, and retirement. However, the commitment to work within a coworking space context can also be understood as a key event, potentially affecting both short-term and long-term mobility decisions. In the framework of the mobility biographies approach, we present a theoretical contribution to the issue of how coworking spaces lead to new social and spatial restructurings. We argue that the recently emerging dynamics of digitalisation support job-mobility biographies that can scale down activity spaces connected with work (e.g., shorter commuting distances and fewer business trips). Finally, working hypotheses will be presented that can guide empirical investigations in future research addressing the triple bottom line model of sustainability (i.e., social, environmental, economic dimension).

Editor(s) Full Names Joachim Scheiner and Henrike Rau

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Book Title Mobility and Travel Behaviour Across the Life Course – Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
Publication Year 2020

Publisher Elgar Online

English | Discipline Social Science