Stigmergy and Design: Decentralised Design Education

7 page Publication by Carlos Duarte, Katja Tschimmel & Fernando Mendes in Lisboa, 2018.
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Abstract in English:

Some say we live in a world rapidly entering into dystopia, designers prefer to focus on new paradigms for society. New technologies emerging every day, robotization, artificial intelligence, digital nomadism and a myriad of other profound changes in the way we live, learn and work seem to point to a redesign of Design and its Education. Accordingly, the designer’s role and how we teach and learn Design will have to change. To illustrate this new context, we’ll use some initial data from a bigger survey we are conducting among design professionals, design students, and design teachers, within the scope of Portuguese design context. We also look at the current multitude of new roles, new disciplines and new contexts of Design – its practice and education – and especially how it is taught. We will suggest Stigmergy – a decentralized phenomenon conducting many if not all aspects of our lives – could possibly lead to new ways of teaching and learning Design. Ultimately, we argue that this phenomenon will either lead to the end of Design or to a brand new direction for Design and Designers.

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Publication Year 2018

English | Discipline Design