The Creative Process in Coworking & Collaborative Work: Insights for Executives, Managers & Designers

Publication by Tuukka Toivonen & Carsten Sørensen , , ,

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Abstract in English:

The coworking industry is undergoing rapid growth the world over, expanding at a rate of up to 20 percent per year. For independent and corporate users, the value of collaborative spaces derives from their flexibility and ability to catalyse creative processes that drive innovation. However, while creativity is part and parcel of this sector’s brand image, few operators have formed a systematic approach to supporting the creative journeys of their members. In an increasingly competitive world where networked individuals are ‘free to move, free to stay’, this theoretical and practical gap translates to a significant vulnerability. The purpose of this report is hence to supply a set of key insights, drawing on findings from high-quality organisational research, to inform executives, managers and designers as they deepen their own approach to creativity support.

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Publication Year 2018