The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship in Coworking-Spaces

Cognition, Personality Traits, Intention, and Gender Behavior

12 page Publication by Ricarda B. Bouncken, Mahmood M. Aslam & Andreas J. Reuschl in Basel, Switzerland.
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Abstract in English:

Entrepreneurs act as an economic engine by creating new businesses and new jobs, intensifying competition and enhancing productivity through creative and novel methods of production and service delivery. Entrepreneurs are characterized as unique personalities with the ability to innovate, start firms, create value, profitability and growth. Coworking-spaces provide a creative and innovative atmosphere to entrepreneurs and working space to run their business operations while interacting and collaborating with other entrepreneurs. However, the professional and social dynamics in coworking-spaces bear the risk of stress, exploitation, conflicts and distrust, which negatively affect entrepreneurial self-efficacy and passion, undermining the advantages of coworking-spaces and leading to withdrawal of entrepreneurs. We argue that coworking-spaces can support entrepreneurs in facing these challenges by developing entrepreneurial communities, providing mentoring, coaching and social support to nascent entrepreneurs.

Editor(s) Full Names Ana Tur Porcar, Domingo Ribeiro Soriano

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Book Title Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur
Publication Year 2018

Publisher Springer International Publishing

DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-62455-6_10

English | Discipline Economics