Urban Coworking Space: Creative Tourism in Digital Nomads Perspective

Bandung, 4-5 August, 2016

9 page Publication by Gierlang Bhakti Putra & Fauzan Alfi Agirachman in Bandung, Indonesia.
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Abstract in English:

This paper explores how nomadic cultures have brought upon new form of creative tourism, where these digital nomads actively involved in the local experience while open up new networks through coworking spaces. By conducting open ended interview questions to coworking space stakeholders and digital nomads actors in Seoul, this research summarizes that coworking space has potential to bring creative tourism into practice through two basic approach: design strategy and community building programs. This paper provides understanding to coworking space roles in creative tourism, which would help cities to promote their creative tourism through social networking provided by coworking space.

Editor(s) Full Names Indah Widiastuti, Nova Asriana

Book Title Proceedings. Arte-Polis 6 International Conference Imagining Experiences: Creative Tourism and the Making of Place
Publication Year 2016
Volume 1
Publisher School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development; Institut Teknologi Bandung
ISSN/ISBN 978-602-70680-9-4 (jil.1)

English | Discipline Architecture