What can the coworking movement tell us about the future of workplaces?

21 page Publication by Perttu Salovaara in Cheltenham Glos, United Kingdom.
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Abstract in English:

This chapter studies today’s work-life by exploring the relatively new phenomenon of coworking, where independent workers join a shared workspace. In order to understand coworking as both physical spaces and movement, the chapter links three research streams: office space research, leadership research and sociological research on ‘flexible capitalism’ and new ways of working. Independent members of a coworking spaces do not work for the one and same company, and because of changes in work-life from fixed employment and linear careers to temporary work contracts and projectification, traditional work communities are partly dispersing. Yet, it is argued, modern capitalism at the same time arouses a need for community. The chapter will discuss coworking from the perspective of local community and plural leadership.

Editor(s) Full Names Arja Ropo, Erika Sauer

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Book Title In Leadership in Spaces and Places
Publication Year 2015

Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing
ISSN/ISBN 978783477913
DOI 10.4337/9781783477920.00008

English | Discipline Management