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Coworking Library Meets RGCS

A Collective Challenge for more Inclusion, Diversity and Equality

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The Coworking Library Challenge is a crowdsourced & collective event during mid-December 2020 that activates not only researchers, but anybody who is interested in coworking research. We will run a series of online events alongside the RGCS Symposium with the ultimate goal to make this research more accessible and show the variety of perspectives on coworking research. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here.

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When will this happen?

15 December 2020 – 21 December 2020 via zoom and discord

15 Dec, Kickoff: 12.00 – 13.00 CET: Launch of the Challenge

> Meet Johanna Voll who will explain all about the challenge and how to win one of our awesome prizes!

16 Dec, 11.00 – 12.00 CET: Q&A session & further insights

> Meet Viktoria who will share some insights from the EU-Interreg-Project CINEMA on the revitalisation of inner cities through the collaboration and inclusion of a diverse range of people such as creatives, politicians, retailers and citizens.
> Meet Alexandra Bernhardt who will share some insights from her PhD on Coworking atmospheres, especially about inclusion and exclusion in coworking spaces

17 Dec, 12.00 – 13.00 CET: Q&A session & further insights

> Meet Irene Manzini Ceinar who talks about her PhD project: Spatial processes around coworking spaces: spill-over impacts for urban transformation with a special focus on local coworking & inclusion of local (and even underrepresented) communities

17 Dec, Thursday at Midnight = Deadline for submissions

21 Dec, 14.00 – 15:00 CET: Challenge winners announcement

> Meet Ivanne Poussier who will talk about the Coworking IDEA project and her current book Sisters in Arms about women-focused coworking

What is the goal of the challenge?

Collectively we will make coworking research more visible and add as many new publications to our database as we can. Our goal is to add at least 200 new entries of research from various disciplines that have been published in the last years. During the challenge we will highlight research with a focus on Inclusion, Diversity and Equality. You need to register on coworkinglibrary.com before entering submissions with your team name in order to take part in the competition for the prizes.

Registration Required

You need to register before submitting publications in order to take part in the competing for the prizes.

Prizes and Categories

These are the categories in which you can contribute submissions of publications to the Coworking Library Challenge and the prizes.

Most non-english entries

Fabulous prize: 5 laptop stands by MOFT

Most entries from Africa

Super great prize: special edition hoodies proudly sponsored by included.co

Most open access entries

Awesome prize: ebooks by deskmag with the ultimate coworking data report

Most Asian entries

Amazing prize: one ticket to CU Asia per group member (March 2021)

Most female authors or co-authors

Super prize: one ebook by Ivanne Poussier about women-focused coworking

Most entries from Latin America

Sensational prize: 5 laptop stands by MOFT

A Jury will decide based on the number of submissions in each category which group will receive the prize in case of the same amount of submissions. A submission will only be counted if all required fields have been filled out.

See Terms & Conditions and FAQ for further information.

The Jury

Ashley Proctor

Founder – Creative Blueprint & Coworking Canada, Toronto, Canada

Marc Navarro

coworking and organization consultant & Content Director of the CoworkingSpain Conference, Spain

Jeannine van der Linden

Director, European Coworking Assembly/Manager, de Kamer

Alexandra Bernhardt

Sociologist & Research Assistant HR-Panel New Work at OST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Speakers you will meet during the event

Viktoria Heinzel​

Research Assistant & PhD Student

Viktoria (M.A.) is a research assistant since 2018 and a PhD student since 2019 at the research department “Creative Industries and Media Society” (CREAM) at Stuttgart Media University. In particular, Viktoria focuses on the developments within the research fields “future of work” and “collaboration with creative industries” as well as the associated analysis of new working models used by creatives (e.g. coworking spaces, makerspaces, fab labs). At the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, Viktoria also dealt with the topics of innovation research and corporate innovation labs from 2017-2018.

Ivanne Poussier

CEO & Co-founder at Ada Coworking

Ivanne (she/her) is an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, specialized in digital learning and neoworking. Since 2016, she has been exploring the future of work, in particular new ways of working and learning in the digital age. Long involved in women’s professional networks and on the lookout for emerging trends, she is CEO and co-founder of Ada Coworking in the suburbs of Paris (opening planned for 2021). As part of this project, she has completed the 1st European tour of Women-focused Coworking Spaces (Sept. 2019 – Feb. 2020). In her first book Sisters in arms, women in search of inclusive coworking spaces, Ivanne studies the role of collaborative workspaces in the development of communities of learning and practice among women. A graduate of Sciences Po. Paris in urban strategies, Ivanne teaches at the Parisian Business School Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG).

Alexandra Bernhardt

Alexandra is a sociologist, who has been researching coworking and the future of work for the last few years. Her dissertation deals with the spatial atmospheres of coworking spaces. She works as a research assistant at the HR-Panel New Work at the OST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. At the VillageOffice cooperative, which promotes regional coworking in Switzerland, she is responsible for the reporting.

Johanna Voll

Johanna is one of the co-founders of the Coworking Library and fell in love with coworking 10 years ago. Since then it has been central to her work, both in theory and in practice. She has taught and researched the subject of the reorganization of work at the European University Viadrina and is now developing several New Work projects. She is part of the German Coworking Federation e.V. and the European Coworking Assembly, loves connecting researchers and organizing (virtual) events with a focus on community building beyond the facts. She is an ambassador for included – a business perks program for (coworking) communities and a passionate gardener and dot artist. 

Irene Manzini

Irene is an urban designer with a background in architecture and urban planning. She studied Architecture (BSc and MSc) at the Politecnico of Milan, and subsequently, she attended a MRes in Interdisciplinary Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL London. Since September 2019, she is an Economic and Social Research Council-funded MPhil/PhD student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, and STSM Grantee at the DAStU Politecnico of Milan (Italy) within the COST Action CA18214 European-funded project “The geography of new working spaces and impact on the periphery”.

Her current research titled “Spatial Processes around Coworking Spaces: Spill-Over Impacts for Urban Transformation” focuses on local and community-led coworking spaces by examining the location patterns urban effects at the neighbourhood scale and exploring their role in the socioeconomic development of neglected or suburban areas both in terms of urban spaces, social practices and spatial planning.

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