A Study of Share Office Interior Space with the Application of New Urbanism Concept – Focused on Share Office Space with Strategic Synergy

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Abstract in English:

With the economic crisis and environmental pollution caused by the limits of the 20th century capitalistic economy and with the social and economic changes made by the IT development, the `sharing economy` has becomes a global trends these days. In the past, the sharing economy was mainly applied to movable assets. Now, in terms of concept, it has been expanded to immovable assets, or space. As shared space, there are various facilities among which Share Office shows the biggest change. The share office began from the basic concept of `sharing(renting) of space`. It has evolved into the space that generates a lot of strategic through interpersonal relationship. Most types of office space including Share Office focus on the creation of relationship between users. As a result conventional monotonous office space has been reconsidered, and thereby urban physics has been applied to office space to make new trials to change office platform. Fundamentally, all people share a city, make diverse relations, and generate various issues. From the perspective, all types of space is considered to be a small city. Therefore, in order to concentrate on the relationship between share office users and create entailing strategic synergy, this study applied the concept of `New Urbanism`, which proposes the solution to various relations and problems arising in a city, to the share office. This researcher analyzed spatial characteristics found in conventional share office and the spatial characteristics appearing in the concept of New Urbanism, investigated their correlations, and drew entailing strategic synergy to establish a design strategy. It is expected that the share office to which New Urbanism concept is applied will overcome the limits of the synergy in the conventional share office, and will be helpful to make an advanced share office in terms of strategic synergy.

Journal Journal of Korean Institute of Interior Design
Publication Year 2015
Volume 17(3)
Publisher Korean Institute of Interior Design

Korean | Discipline Interior Design