Building Community through Coworking: A Case Study of Special Factors Affecting Member Satisfaction with Coworkspaces and Collaborative Activity

110 page Publication by Bonnie Sanborn in Ithaca, USA.
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Abstract in English:

Coworking is a recent movement in workspaces, having developed as a formal working style around 2006. Coworking describes the act of sharing a physical workplace and office resources with other people who are not employees of the same company. It is an elective process, considered one of the many elements of the new sharing economy. Because coworkspaces allow members with very different backgrounds to come together and work in close proximity, they represent nodes within a community that can increase the social network ties of members. An increase in social network ties is linked to an increase in an individual’s social capital. Having many individuals with robust social capital connections helps to build the overall resilience of a community. For this reason, coworkspaces represent an important opportunity for improving social capital and resilience.

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Publication Year 2015

English | Discipline Environmental Psychology