Characteristics of Coworking Space for Unofficial Communication – Focus on Coworking Space Centers in Seoul City

5 page Publication by Suzie / 수지 Yu / 유 & Hae-Ryon / 혜련 Han / 한 in Seoul, South Korea.
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Abstract in English:

This study aims at and finds its meaning in classifying and analyzing spatial characteristics which activates unofficial communication in elements that coworking space is composed of, and presenting the coworking space which enables active cooperation and sharing. Through a theoretical investigation of coworking space and unofficial communication, correlation is defined, and then the characteristics of space for the activation of unofficial communication in coworking space are analyzed. Based on the contents of analysis, a visit was paid to an exemplary site in Korea in person, and observation was made, and checklists were made, and an analysis framework was designed. With regard to the scope of study, among coworking spaces set up within recent 1 year in Seoul, 4 spaces, which can be used free of charge or after obtaining membership, were selected. And users were surveyed. According to the results of study, it was construed that unofficial communication was necessary for free and creative thinking in the coworking space. Spatial characteristics for unofficial communication are summarized into 6 things, i.e., openness, contingency, centrality, mobility, flexibility and playfulness, and are applied to the coworking space in complex form. Coworking space is divided into public working space, private working space, support space and rest space. And in detail, spatial characteristics should be more intensively applied in open office, meeting room, eating and drinking area and community section. It is possible to say that a specific study will be necessary for additionally analyzing whether spatial characteristics for unofficial communication have a positive effect on coworking space users, and providing an effective space to users in a follow-up study.

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Journal Journal of Korean Institute of Interior Design
Publication Year 2016
Volume 18(1)
Publisher Korean Institute of Interior Design

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