Estado del Coworking en España 2015

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Abstract in English:

During the recent years, a whole industry has emerged in Spain around Coworking movement. Spain is the third world power in Coworking spaces. Even though Coworking spaces are relatively small (around 300-400m2) Coworking industry is reaching its peak in this country. There are around 8000 coworkers distributed in 32188m2 and this sector is generating around 5-10 million euros per year. It might seem that it is not too much, however, we need to bear that three years ago this sector did not exist. That is the reason why we need to analyse the data of this sector in Spain during 2015 to understand its evolution and rise.

Abstract in original language:

Análisis de los resultados de la encuesta sobre el estado del coworking en España en el año 2015.

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Publication Year 2015
Volume 8
Publisher CoworkingSpain

Spanish | Discipline Economics