Coopetition in coworking-spaces: Value creation and appropriation tensions in an entre-preneurial space

Publication by Ricarda B. Bouncken, Sven Laudien, Viktor Fredrich & Lars Görmar , , ,
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Coopetition has the potential to improve entrepreneurship and innovation. It will be prevalent in coworking-spaces building a growing field for individual and corporate entrepreneurship. The individuals’ physical closeness in the professional and social space of the coworking-space eases multifaceted transfers of explicit and implicit knowledge, stimulating creation, transfer, overhaul, and implementation of entrepreneurial ideas. While entrepreneurs in these coworking-spaces collaborate on sharing knowledge and resources and on finding creative ideas from which can breed new venture concepts, they simultaneously compete on the appropriation of values. Thus, entrepreneurs in coworking-spaces face coopetitive tensions of creating and appropriating the values. Based on interview data and secondary sources, this paper explains four different prototype institutions of coworking-spaces: the corporate coworking-space, the open corporate coworking-space, the consultancy coworking-space, and the independent coworking-space. Study explains different tensions of value creation and appropriation that occur within the coopetition in the different forms of coworking-spaces.

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Journal Review of Managerial Science
Publication Year 2018
Volume 12
Publisher Springer Berlin Heidelberg
ISSN/ISBN 1863-6683
DOI 10.1007/s11846-017-0267-7

English | Discipline Management