Coworking-Space Business Models: Micro-Ecosystems and Platforms — Insights from China

23 page Publication by Ricarda B. Bouncken, Yixin Qiu & Thomas Clauss , , ,
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Abstract in English:

The sharing economy gives rise to numerous new business models. A prominent novel one relates to coworking-spaces, where independent individuals and teams share spaces and amenities and engage in social interaction and information exchange. Yet the business models of such spaces are not well known. Our qualitative study identifies four types of business models design of coworking-spaces in China, where coworking-spaces have sharply increased in number and importance. We find four types of coworking-space business model configurations: efficiency-centered business model, user-centered business model, development-centered business model, and platform-centered business model, which exceed the prior conceptualization of business model themes. Especially, the platform-centered business model relates to innovation policy in China, facilitating mini-spatial innovation ecosystems.

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Journal International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
Publication Year 2020
Volume 17


English | Discipline Management