Coworking(s) in the Plural: Coworking Spaces and New Ways of Managing

22 page Publication by Silvia Ivaldi, Ivana Pais & Giuseppe Scaretti in Cham, Germany.
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Abstract in English:

Coworking spaces first appeared in San Francisco in 2005 but are now found all over the world. This chapter looks at this form of workspace organisation and its associated values and practices, such as collaboration, reciprocity, community, and sustainability. These suggest that coworking is giving rise to new ways of working and managing organisations. The chapter critically analyses how coworking managers effectively interpret coworking spaces as new ordinary organisations. It presents a typology of coworking, identifying four different types of coworking organisations which are associated with different forms of management. The chapter presents research conducted in Italy.

Publication Year 2018
Volume The New Normal of Working Lives

ISSN/ISBN 978-3-319-66038-7
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-66038-7_11

English | Discipline Social Science