Design Education. Human Factors at the Core of a Coworking Self-determined New Design Learning Approach

Publication by Fernando Mendes, Carlos Duarte & Katja Tschimmel , , ,
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Abstract in English:

Designers, we have a problem! The ever-expanding field of design is causing turmoil in its practice and education. There is a growing concern originating from the profession now dealing with complex global problems requiring new skills, obscuring the once well-defined boundaries of design practice. Collaborating with other fields of knowledge is now an absolute necessity. Consequently, design education has become a ubiquitous track in design conferences and other academic events, with the most prominent design figures claiming for rapid changes in the way we teach our future designers. Our research is focused on how work, learn and leisure is melting into one single dimension, evidencing new self-determined learning modes. Accordingly, three case studies of new design learning models are presented using a four axes matrix – Coworking, Openness, Operation, Learning. This paper investigates how Coworking spaces can help shape new design learning strategies.

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Publication Year 2020

Publisher Springer

English | Discipline Design