Weaving My Cocoon: Business Model Configuration and Trajectory of Chinese Coworking-Spaces

Publication by Yixin Qiu & Mahmood Aslam , , ,

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Abstract in English:

This paper investigates configuration, diversity and trajectory of coworking-space business models. Coworking-spaces are modern, collaborative and flexible workplaces where independent individuals and teams share spaces and amenities, and the assemblage further intensifies their social interaction and information exchange. When an increasing number of creative workers is transferring to coworking-spaces, crystallising various types of coworking-spaces is of significance because the contemporary workplaces shape the context for idea generation and innovation. Our qualitative study reveals four value creation components and specific value capture approaches of coworking-spaces, as well as and how they configure four different types of business models of coworking-spaces. Furthermore, our longitudinal data suggests a framework of business model trajectory that indicates a self-reinforcing process of coworking-spaces business models despite the diversified levels of openness to users. This study contributes to a comprehensive picture and understanding of coworking-spaces. The findings add to business model literature by extending extant design themes and introducing business model trajectory concept.

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Journal Academy of Management Porceedings
Publication Year 2020

Publisher Elsevier

DOI 10.5465/AMBPP.2020.21069