Discovering Workscapes

An investigation of collective workscapes

Publication by Fiza Brakel-Ahmed, Boukje Cnossen & Julia Schlegelmilch in Abingdon, United Kingdom.
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Abstract in English:

Collaborative spaces are more than physical locations of work and production. They present strong identities centered on collaboration, exchange, sense of community, and co-creation, which are expected to create a physical and social atmosphere that facilitates positive social interaction, knowledge sharing, and information exchange. This book explores the complex experiences and social dynamics that emerge within and between collaborative spaces and how they impact, sometimes unexpectedly, on creativity and innovation.

Collaborative Spaces at Work is timely and relevant: it will address the gap in critical understandings of the role and outcomes of collaborative spaces. Advancing the debate beyond regional development rhetoric, the book will investigate, through various empirical studies, if and how collaborative spaces do actually support innovation and the generation of new ideas, products, and processes.

Editor(s) Full Names Fabrizio Montanari, Elisa Mattarelli, Anna Chiara Scapolan

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Book Title Collaborative Spaces at Work: Innovation, Creativity and Relations
Publication Year 2020

Publisher Routledge
ISSN/ISBN 9780429329425

English | Discipline Social Science