Emerging Trend- Coworking and its Development in Armenia

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Nowadays innovation capabilities of countries are created not only by leading tech companies or companies of other sectors but also by individuals and communities. In this research, innovation is viewed as a multilayer process in which coworking spaces play significant role through sharing, socializing, and learning tools.
This research aims to study the coworking concept, the origins of coworking and review existing scholarly and popular literature, offering a theoretical distinction and definition of this concept. My objective is to provide a brief overview of recent data on the number and locations of coworking spaces across the world, and present recent data. Later in this research, I examined the coworking environment in Armenia and proved their necessity and efficiency.

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Journal Proceedings of 15th Triple Helix International Conference on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Design Thinking
Publication Year 2017

Publisher Triple Helix Association

English | Discipline Economics