Innovation coworking

a guide to an Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem

108 page Publication by Taylor Tran & Christine Sweeney in Melbourne, Australia.
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Abstract in English:

A comprehensive guide to Australia’s 300+ coworking spaces. In this edition there is a spotlight on regional innovation. It provides insights and tips about innovation and the coworking industry across all regions of Australia to help you go from idea to freelancing to startup and strategic growth. It’s an entrepreneur’s Lonely Planet, friend, coach and mentor in 100 pages. Written in cafe and an accessible style, this book is arguably the shortest condensation of top-tier insights on many aspects of coworking, business and entrepreneurship. It leverages 20+ years of business experience, local research and interviews. Apart from key insights into each of Australia’s coworking regions, the book covers a number of essential startup areas including; Innovation, Minimum Viable Product, Digital Innovation, Social, Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Leadership, Finance, Capital Raising, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Design Thinking, Legal and much more. It is an enjoyable read cover-to-cover or you can dip in and out as you grow your enterprise. It will be your constant companion and will grow, open doors and evolve with you over time.

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Publication Year 2017

Publisher CVP Strategy Group
ISSN/ISBN 9780648121800

English | Discipline Economics