Improvement of Practice in Entrepreneurship Education Through Action Research: The Case of Coworking at a Nonresidential College

Publication by Christoph Winkler, Ethlyn Saltzman & Shu Yang , ,
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Abstract in English:

This study applies action research (AR)—defined as a cyclical process of continuous improvement of practical and real-life problems—to investigate the evolution of a voluntary, noncredit, collaborative coworking environment for student entrepreneurs at a nonresidential college. The goal of the article is to illustrate how entrepreneurship educators can use AR as a catalyst to continuously improve entrepreneurship education environments based on a deeper understanding of students’ needs and entrepreneurial development levels. We conclude with a general reflection about the AR project and the implications of AR to the larger entrepreneurship education context.

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Journal Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy
Publication Year 2018
Volume 1 issue: 2
Publisher SAGE Journals

DOI 2515-1274

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