Journal of Openness, Commons & Organizing

Volume 1

89 page Publication by Paula Ungureanu, Stefan Haefliger, François-Xavier de Vaujany, Ann L. Cunliffe, Philippe Lorino, Jean-François Boisson, Aurélien Denaes, Fanny Lebrech, Gislene Feiten Haubrich, Aroles Jeremy, Auboin Nicolas, Berkowitz Heloise, Bohas Amelie, Bonneau Claudine, Boukje Cnossen, Bussy-Socrate Helene, Carton Sabine, Dandoy Aurore, Fabbri Julie, Glaser Anna, Grandazzi Albane, Hasbi Marie, Irrmann Olivier, Laniray Pierre, Passalacqua Annie, Viviane Sergi, Vallat David, Vitaud Laetitia & Zachariou Renee , , , , ,
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Abstract in English:

JOCO is an annual publication released each December which includes both an edited and a reviewed section. It is affiliated to the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS) and shares the values of open and citizen sciences. Its ambition is interdisciplinary, e.g. with contributions expected from fields such as management, organization studies, innovation studies, organizational sociology, urban sociology, economic geography, anthropology, political sciences, philosophy, psychology, etc.

The reviewed section includes articles which will follow an open review process. Each publication will include: the accepted version of the paper (a), another version open to edits/comments/revisions (b), the knowledge commons produced by the research published (open video, collective posts, open data…) (c). Submissions can be sent to and follow
an open review process. The edited section is composed of the former research notes and White Papers published by the RGCS.
All publications are open access (creative commons). They are diffused by RGCS on open source platforms and communicated on all communication tools of our network.

Editor(s) Full Names Paula Ungureanu, Stefan Haefliger, François-Xavier de Vaujany

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Journal JOCO – Journal of Openness, Commons & Organizing
Publication Year 2022
Volume 1
Publisher RGCS

English | Discipline Social Science