Rural Coworking

People, Models, Trends

76 page Publication by Ulrich Bähr, Juli Biemann & Philipp Hentschel & Jule Lietzau , , ,
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Abstract in English:

In major German cities, we have observed a strong increase in coworking spaces and other facets of shared workspace offerings for those looking for an inspiring place to work outside of their own four walls or their place of employ- ment – either temporarily or permanently. The question then arose as to whether and what kind of “working alone together” can also be transferred to the rural areas. In our trend study, numerous examples of such new places of work in rural areas in Germany have been identified. But to what extent do the types of users, business models and mo- tives for setting up these kinds of coworking spaces differ?

Editor(s) Full Names Bertelsmann Stiftung, Dr. Alexandra Schmied

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Publication Year 2021

DOI DOI 10.11586/2021032

English | Discipline Rural Development