The Coworking (R)evolution

334 page Publication by Peter A. Bacevice, Guy Baudelle, Valérie Billaudeau, Étienne Bou Abdo, Maurizio Busacca, Ignasi Capdevila, Mariusz Czupich, Barbara Da Roit, Mina Di Marino, Benoît Feildel, Flavie Ferchaud, Aurore Flipo, Pascal Glémain, Barbara Konecka-Szydłowska, Gerhard Krauss, Divya Leducq, Sébastien Le Gall, Patricia Lejoux, Anne-Laure Le Nadant, Christine Liefooghe, Nathalie Marceau, Clément Marinos, Ilaria Mariotti, Gretchen M. Spreitzer, Nathalie Ortar, Nicolas Ovtracht, Anne-Laure Peyrou, Costantino Romeo, Arnaud Scaillerez, Helga-Jane Scarwell, Stéphanie Souche-Le Corvec, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay & Jennifer Urasadettan , ,
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Abstract in English:

The digitalization of work processes and the generalization of IT are creating unprecedented opportunities. An increasing part of the workforce is experimenting with new forms of work, as freelancers, self-employed or highly skilled employees with greater autonomy. International in scope, this book comprehensively explores these new models of work, mobility and life trajectories, and the increasing role of non-metropolitan coworking spaces.

Editor(s) Full Names Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Gerhard Krauss

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Publication Year 2024

Publisher Edward Elgar
ISSN/ISBN 978 1 80220 9174

English | Discipline Sociology