The modern city and third places: new sources of sustainable entrepreneurs and competitiveness

Publication by Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay & Arnaud Scaillerez , , ,
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Sustainability and competitiveness now require new working spaces for creative workers. This enhances collaboration, flexibility, improvisation, and new possibilities for interaction. These workers now have the ability to rethink continually their specialization and their relationships with workers in related areas of creative activity. A co-working space facilitates the collaboration of independent workers, and frees them from traditional corporate structures, which are confining to many creative workers. It is just one more step to give these workers the opportunity to telecommute and to interact through increasing distances, and to create family and residential situations that are more congenial and productive.

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Book Title Towards a Competitive, Sustainable Modern City
Publication Year 2020

ISSN/ISBN 9781839107474

English | Discipline Social Science