What is Coworking?

A look at the multifaceted places where the gig economy happens and workers are happy to find community

175 page Publication by Robert E. McGrath in Urbana, USA.
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Abstract in English:

The last two decades have seen accelerating changes in the global economy and an emerging new way of work: the gig economy.

This may be the future of work, but what about the future of workers.

One of the places that the gig economy happens is in local coworking spaces around the world, where independent workers find the support and inspiration of a community of peers that cannot be found working alone.

There are tens of thousands of coworking spaces around the world, with a wide variety of features and workers. that do not seem to fit neatly into conventional models of work, organizational psychology, or office technology.

Most interesting of all, workers report that coworking makes them happy and productive.

This book explores coworking from many angles and will be of interest to anyone interested in the gig economy and the future of work. Some of the topics include:

“Coworking = Space + Community”
Business models for coworking
The new profession of coworking community leader
How well does coworking work, and why?
The global coworking movement
The future of coworking

What is Coworking? It’s really interesting!

Publication Year 2018

Publisher lulu.com
ISSN/ISBN 978-1-387-66968-4

English | Discipline Social Science