According to Smart work 3.0, On the Movement Characteristic of the Configuration Space – Focused on coworking space in Seoul / 스마트워크3.0을 기반으로 하는 공간구성의 이동 특성에 관한 연구 – 서울 코워킹스페이스를 중심으로 –

3 page Publication by Hye-su / 혜수 Lee / 이 & Kyung-Sook / 경숙 Nam / 남 , , , , ,
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Coworking space explicated working space and network communication focused, that also finding people want to collaborated. the reason for this is Smart world now. Smart Work Version 3.0 is absorbed to increase the productivity and efficiency through a case of co-working spaces are applied to In response to the rapidly changing needs of creative work space is requirements of smart world co-working space type of investigation It studies the moving feature in accordance with the space .Interior and behavioral analysis and understanding. The analysis of similarities and differences between users. This study divides the space ,personal space and meeting space, resting place of the focus co-working space in Seoul. The study represents the co-working as smart work version 3.0 community building for intersection area. Based on 3.0 smart work and co-working space environment improved concentration, variety of communication. From an this research the time check collaboration place to stay, therefore resulting answers construction of space for movement features.

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Journal Journal of Korean Institute of Interior Design
Publication Year 2016
Volume 5
Publisher Korean Institute of Interior Design

Korean | Discipline Social Science