Introduction to the Coworking (R)evolution

Publication by Gerhard Krauss & Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay , , ,

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Abstract in English:

This chapter provides an overview of the general topic and the structure of the book “The Coworking (R)evolution”. Coworking is a recent phenomenon that continues to take shape, with a strong dynamic that accompanies the ongoing digitalization of society and the world of work. It is driven by people who want to better manage and balance their life and work projects, and which goes beyond the urban environment, irrigating society outside the metropolises, even in rural areas. The book is composed of five major parts, followed by a general conclusion, addressing issues about the basic concepts used by scholars, the social dimension of collaborative workspaces, the reconciliation of professional and personal life (including health and well-being), social exchange, cooperation, collaboration, community-building, societal transition, management of coworking spaces, and mobility of coworkers. Most of the chapters announced here are based on empirical research conducted in different regions and countries.

Editor(s) Full Names Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Gerhard Krauss

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Book Title The Coworking (R)evolution
Publication Year 2024

Publisher Edward Elgar