The Coworking Phenomenon – An Organizational Revolution or a Continuous Evolution?

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This chapter evaluates whether the coworking phenomenon is a result of continuous organizational evolution or if it is a revolutionary novel organizational approach. The context of the origin and development of the coworking phenomenon is explored by a concise review of the contemporary socio-economic conditions and through the use of the Erikson’s lifespan model as an instrument to evaluate the movement’s growth and challenges. A theoretical analysis of Scott’s classification of organizational systems is performed in order to find the place of the coworking phenomenon within this framework. Lastly, an empirical study based on Quinn’s competing values framework is used to compare the organizational culture in two seemingly distinct organizational structures – a corporate banking structure and a coworking enterprise structure.

Editor(s) Full Names Marko Orel, Ondřej Dvouletý, Vanessa Ratten

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Book Title The Flexible Workplace
Publication Year 2021

Publisher Springer
ISSN/ISBN 978-3-030-62167-4

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