Knowledge Dynamics in Localized Communities: Coworking Spaces as Microclusters

18 page Publication by Ignasi Capdevila in Rochester, USA.
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The literature on knowledge creation in economic geography has often focused on the territorial or organizational level, without considering the multi-scalar aspect of innovation and knowledge dynamic. This article contributes to fill this gap by analyzing the knowledge dynamics that take place in localized emerging communities in Coworking Spaces (CWS) as well as their impact at the local and global levels. CWS are theorized as microclusters as they present similar knowledge dynamics as the ones identified in industrial clusters but at a lower scale. As an illustration, the article presents the case of the CWS in Barcelona. The implications for policy makers are analyzed in view of the potential contributions of these microclusters to the local dynamics of knowledge creation and transfer.

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Publication Year 2013

English | Discipline Social Science