Potenziale eines neu zu planenden Zentrums für „Digitale Transformation in Ostfriesland in Zusammenarbeit mit Coworking Spaces der Region“

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Abstract in English:

The topic of digital transformation is currently being picked up by many trade journals,
books and at various conferences in a business context. Therefore, more and more
entrepreneurs feel compelled to break new ground. The changes are omnipresent.
Managers are therefore consultants and coaches, employees work in a self-organized
and self-responsible manner. The pace of change is impressively high. It must be noted
that some entrepreneurs and employees can hardly keep up. There are big changes in
every area of life. As a result of the pandemic alone, people had to learn how to
organize themselves, collaborate online and constantly use new tools. As a result,
many people in East Friesland have become aware that there is a lack of infrastructure
in the form of cell phone reception or a reasonable internet connection.
Homeschooling and home office was hardly possible in some households.
How can a center for digital transformation in East Friesland be useful? What needs
and requirements do companies and employees in the region have for such a center?
How do offers have to be communicated in order to inform as many people as possible
and what role can coworking spaces that are close to home play?
In the form of guided interviews, representatives of the individual groups were asked
about their experiences and assessments. In this way, not only the individual wishes
could be recorded in individual interviews, but also supra-individual challenges could
be identified through the scientific merging of the individual results. In addition,
concrete recommendations for the center in connection with coworking spaces were
The most important findings are that local learning opportunities are necessary. Offers
are needed for people who want to get to know the terms first, but also for
professionals who want to learn more. The second insight is that a coworking space
is not only seen as a place of work but also as a place of learning. Local exchange of
experience must be encouraged and made possible.

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Publication Year 2023

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