Taboo trade-offs in the community business

The case of coworking

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Abstract in English:

The past 15 years has seen the rise of businesses that seek to sell community as a service. Relational Models Theory provides a compelling theoretical framework that suggests the prospect of selling or buying community may be prone to evoking cognitive, affective, and behavioral aversion among both sides in the exchange. This paper considers the coworking industry—a paradigmatic example of a business that promises to sell community—through the lens of Relational Models Theory. We use our personal experience as coworking space owners and community managers to explore challenges and conflicts that we, other community managers, and our members have encountered that may be inherent to trying to buy and sell community. Finally, we suggest tentative solutions to those challenges.

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Journal Journal of Management Inquiry
Publication Year 2023

ISSN/ISBN 1056-4926

English | Discipline Management