People will soon refer to time as pre- or post-Corona. The COVID-19 crisis will change the way we work, collaborate and appreciate the small joys of life. To navigate through this existential crisis we – the founders of the Coworking Library – set out to build a crowdsourced directory of resources. This will not only help coworking space operators, but also any connected businesses and organizations as well as individuals.

What can YOU do now?

Head over to and add any resource you came across that can help people in this time. Let’s be honest: All of us scan different channels, exchange tips in various (online) calls and groups. All this takes up a lot of time – and nerves. Let’s work together and create a global directory of COVID-19 crisis resources to support freelancers, the self-employed, gig-economy workers, students, business operators, the unemployed and employees.

You can also support our mission by contributing to our work financially. Either use our existing set up for energy exchange or talk to us:

Why do WE believe in this project?

The Coworking Library has a colorful past with ups and downs along the way. It took us almost 5 years to have the database running, a few defeats and close to non monetary flow towards this project. BUT: We have felt the constant support from the global coworking community that encouraged us to continuously work on this project. We believe it is this community of people will now be there for each other on a bigger scale. With the Crisis Directory we want to offer our part and give something back.

Add your resources now: Crowdsourced Crisis Directory

Hector, Carsten and Johanna