Global Coworking Survey 2023: Join the longest running coworking survey!

The new Global Coworking Survey has just launched!   The survey has studied the coworking industry since 2010. Many researchers use the results of this series in their work. Including many listed in our Coworking Library. Each year, we need enough respondents to provide an in-depth analysis that benefits everyone. That’s why we’re asking you […]


How’s your Coworking Space? The Coworking Trends Survey Explores Business Trends

The global pandemic is unfortunately still impacting coworking spaces around the world. Many hot takes are being published and talked about. But there is little data about its business impacts on coworking spaces, especially when considering the ongoing changing situations. Take the survey here. Let’s find out more together: Deskmag has developed a super quick […]

book_Sisters in arms

Have you ever wondered what women expect from coworking spaces?

By IVANNE POUSSIER Ivanne Poussier (she/her) is CEO & Co-Founder of Ada Coworking (in progress in Poissy, France), author of Sisters in arms, women in search of inclusive coworking spaces (Nov. 2020). In Europe, the grassroots movement of women-focused coworking spaces is relatively young and my recent investigation across Europe depicts this phenomenon on the […]