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Coworking Symposium 2021

Join us for this year’s Coworking Symposium on 15th April 2021 for a virtual half-day long conference on coworking and flexible workspaces. We are a partner of the event that willl give you insights to current studies and developments of the coworking and the flexible workspace industry. Topics will include developmental aspects in the post-pandemic […]

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Have you ever wondered what women expect from coworking spaces?

By IVANNE POUSSIER Ivanne Poussier (she/her) is CEO & Co-Founder of Ada Coworking (in progress in Poissy, France), author of Sisters in arms, women in search of inclusive coworking spaces (Nov. 2020). In Europe, the grassroots movement of women-focused coworking spaces is relatively young and my recent investigation across Europe depicts this phenomenon on the […]

Join us for CU Asia in Bali for a Very Special Coworking Research Event: The Coworking Salon

The Coworking Library team will host an evening full of coworking geekiness and insights into current research trends during the upcoming CU Asia (Bali, 5-7 March 2020). As an interdisciplinary open database collecting all research into coworking worldwide, we are especially looking forward to organizing this on-site event that connects researchers, coworking space operators, and […]