The Workplace Trends Research Summit will happen on 22 April 2021 and feature the latest workplace research. We’ll have a look into new insights to the ever changing future of (new) work. Read about how to win a free ticket below. And make sure to come to the Coworking Library conference booth during the virtual event to find out why coworking research rocks. 

How you could win a free ticket to the Workspace Trends Research Summit 2021

It’s easy: Enter a new Coworking publication to our database of all coworking research until Friday, 16 April at midnight, CET. Our team will then randomly choose a winner by drawing two names out of all submissions.

Can I just enter any coworking research? What’s the catch?

There is none. But we have rules, that you might remember from our December 2020 Challenge.

  • You may enter publications of the following types that have a focus on coworking, collaborative (work) spaces or coliving: Books, Chapters in books, papers, conference papers, open data, data/statistics, Dissertations, MA Thesis projects.
  • You may not enter the following publications: blog posts or (online) articles, BA Thesis, coworking maps and directories, links to websites with numerous resources etc.
  • All submissions must be made through this form:
  • Find all the Terms and Conditions here

What can you expect from the virtual event on 22 April 2021?

Read all about the event here. Check out the programme as well as the amazing speakers that have been invited to present the latest workplace research. The conference will take place on Hopin and here is a first look at the virtual booths and set up. You can meet our co-founder Johanna during the event for a chat in the Coworking Library booth.

Good luck! We are looking forward to seeing you on Hopin. Make sure to also check out the European Coworking Assembly’s booth and find out what the ECA has been up to to promote independent Coworking across Europe.